Warped Flor del Valle Gran Valle (Robusto)


Cigar Review – @WarpedCigars Flor del Valle Gran Valle (Robusto) – I stopped in at @SeriousCigars to pick up some #cigars on my way home, and seeing the Warped Flor del Valle back in stock, I decided to pick up a few.

This Nicaraguan puro is made at the #CasaFernandez Factory. A Nicaraguan binder and core of Corojo ’99 and #Criollo ’98 filler tobacco is topped with a #Corojo ’99 wrapper. #Anganorsa tobacco is used for the entire cigar. The construction of this cigar is the first indication that this is a high quality product. Very tight, almost invisible seams, coupled with very few veins, and topped with a perfectly executed triple cap, all gilded by a beautifully designed golden band with light blue accents.

Clipping the cap and lighting produce amazing flavors and aromas of honey, spice, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, cedar, leather, and herbal notes. Citrus, caramel and cocoa ride in on a wave of cream, touched with nuttiness that elevates the notes and aromas to a new level entirely. The burn line and draw remain perfect throughout, and the volume of smoke produced is impressive and fabulously fragrant.

Overall, a fantastic cigar. While the smoke is a solid medium-full body and intensity, the flavors and aromas are amazing. This is a nearly perfectly blended and executed cigar. I rate it at 93.


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