New World by AJ Fernandez Virrey Toro Gordo


Went for a walk around the neighborhood with the New World by @AJFCigars Virrey Toro Gordo provided by good friends @SeriousCigars – a top of the line smoke at an affordable price. Spice and pepper emanate from its Sumatra wrapper, while its vintage fillers smooths it out to create a terrific cigar. With aromas of dark chocolate, spice, earthiness, and barnyard from the wrapper and foot, it’s a appealing bouquet. Complemented with flavors such as wood, cream, sweetness, black cherry, and a rich soil earthiness, it offers a bold experience. All this on a budget price that makes it very affordable for anyone.

From the AJ Fernandez web site:
“The New World Cigar is very special to A.J.’s heart as it is the first cigar he has created together with his father, Ismael Fernandez. Named in honor of the discovery of tobacco by the Christopher Columbus expedition in 1492, New World is a medium to full bodied cigar with an amazing aroma. Smokers of New World will experience elements of sweetness, spiciness in a very balanced and refined cigar. A.J. Fernandez is looking for New World to be a first class cigar that can be a daily source of enjoyment.”

Overall, a good cigar, with a surprising range of flavors that work perfectly with this hefty #stogie. I rate it a 88.

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