Warped Cigars Maestro del Tiempo 6102R

Warped Cigars Maestro del Tiempo

I was in the Galleria area of Houston with some friends, and after lunch, we stopped in at the @SeriousCigars Lounge for a post-meal cigar. I’d been looking forward to trying the newest release from Kyle Gellis’ @WarpedCigars – the Maestro del Tiempo 6102R – a tweaked blend, slightly different from the regular release, which includes the addition of medio tiempo tobacco from Estelí, and is limited to 150 cabinets of 100 cigars.

Right off the bat, this is a beautiful cigar to behold. A nice oily sheen coats the light Rosado wrapper, the tight seams and few veins serve to remind that this leaf conceals a treasure. The expertly crafted triple cap is an assurance of quality. The beautiful double bands are among the best I’ve ever seen – true works of artistry and perfect examples of gilding the lilly.

Aromas of nuts, bread, cocoa, cedar, cream, coffee and honey all waft up from the shaft of the cigar, with pepper joining the bouquet after clipping the cap.

Lighting up, the smoke was prodigious, but not overwhelming. The perfectly balanced notes and flavors are all present from the outset. Amazing. Typically a cigar takes a while for different components to warm up and join the chorus – the Maestro del Tiempo is like a symphony that is ready to play a masterpiece. Everything is working together flawlessly.
The creaminess carries the flavors along, adding a delightful texture to the smoke, almost umami-like. Each of the notes is heightened and perfected; nuts become roasted peanuts, bread becomes sourdough, cocoa becomes dark chocolate, coffee becomes espresso, cream takes on a luscious butteriness.

A razor sharp burn line and solid ash allow for a nice leisurely smoke that allows one time to savor. No need to constantly be worried about a clump of ash falling off. I wonder whether I stumbled upon the perfect stick of the batch. I will have to have this cigar again – and soon.
Overall, a truly fantastic cigar. Kyle Gellis has struck gold. Perfectly executed construction, expertly crafted blend. A decadent, luxurious experience. Get one – get a box – now. I would rate it a 94.

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