The Crowned Heads Las Calaveras 2016

A month ago, I picked up the eagerly anticipated @TheCrownedHeads Las Calaveras 2016 LC50. Jon Huber has once again created a fantastic addition to the distinguished Las Calaveras line. After a long rest in my humidor, I took it for a walk in the neighborhood to enjoy the smoke.
From the 2016 Las Calaveras wrapper and foot the aromas of earth, cocoa and coffee, and a hint of peppery spice. Upon lighting, the essence of espresso and a sweet molasses combine with elements of cocoa and a bit of barnyard, all given a bit of heat with a peppery note that brings them together in a wonderful fusion. A note of baking spices, accented with cinnamon joins in as well. Coffee, chocolate, earth, sweetness and pepper remain the predominant flavors throughout.
The burn and draw were excellent throughout. No need of touch-ups. The ash held on for at least a full inch before being ashed.
Overall, a great smoke. A fantastic blend of complexity, expertly balanced and executed. Jon Huber has done it again. I would rate the cigar a 90.
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