Avo Heritage Robusto

A very good friend celebrated the birth of his first grandchild (a boy) by handing out cigars at the family’s “welcome home” party for the new mom and baby the other day, and I was honored to be there. Rather than the “It’s a boy” cigar – he decided to hand out the Avo Cigar Heritage Robusto.
The Heritage Series of @AvoCigar is a remarkable, medium to full-bodied blend which combines a robust mixture of Cuban-seed Dominican long-fillers, with a wrapper of Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper, yielding a satisfying series of rich, complex flavors delivered in smooth, balanced fashion.
The dark, oily Ecuadorian wrapper has a few veins beneath the understated and refined band of contrasting neutral shades of brown, accented with the luster of gold.
Aromas off the foot are of barnyard, cocoa and leather. Upon lighting, the flavor is full-bodied with a fantastic mix of notes and flavors. Barnyard, wood, nuts, leather, cinnamon, pepper (red and black), cream, and cocoa are all present.
The flavors of the cigar develop further into medium/full bodied intensity, with a complex blend of creaminess, cocoa, sweetness, spice, wood, and leather.
Overall, a good smoke. While not a challenging cigar for the palate, it offers a good blend of flavors at an intensity suitable for the novice, but with enough complexity, strength, and finesse to be attractive to the experienced enthusiast. I would rate the cigar a 86.
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