Liga Privada T52 Robusto

Summer has arrived, and we had our first out-of-town guests stop by for a visit. My wife’s sister and family drove in from Kentucky, and we wanted to welcome them to Texas the right way, so I had some ribs in the smoker, some @ShinerBeer on ice, and for dessert, pulled a pair of @drewestatecigar Liga Privada T52 Robustos out of my humidor. After the massive, meat-centered meal, we needed the assertive, big flavors of the T52.
With pleasant aromas of cedar, earthiness, clove, leather and pepper, the T52 is not a shy smoke. This 5 x 52 Robusto is covered with a Connecticut River Valley stalk cut and cured habano wrapper, with Brazilian mata fina binder all surrounding a core of Honduran and Nicaraguan filler. Right off the lighting, bold flavors of coffee, cedar, leather and chocolate – all accented with a deep, luscious creaminess – weave a wonderful tapestry of taste for this cigar, all accented with lots of black pepper, and an earthy, barnyard note that elevates the experience.
The amount of thick blue smoke that rolls off the cigar is a thing to behold. You feel almost as if your are in a smokehouse, and the tobacco is curing you. The complex flavor profile expresses through an impressive range of flavors – espresso, cedar, leather and cocoa – which begin to mellow about halfway through, but never become stale or bitter. A great experience.
Overall, a really good smoke. With a truly complex flavor profile, it offers a bold and flavorful smoke perfect for enjoying after a meal. I would rate the cigar an 90.
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