La Gloria Cubana Wavell Natural

Enjoying cigars is not the cheapest luxury in the world. Some phenomenal sticks can set you back $20-$30, but there are some true gems at the reasonable end of the price range. One cigar I have in abundant and constant supply in my humidor is the @LaGloriaCubana Wavell Natural – a 5 x 50 robusto priced at around $5, which I always pick up @SeriousCigars here in Houston. This isn’t just a “budget-friendly” cigar – it is literally a steal.
The classic-looking band of La Gloria Cubana is a true work of art, accentuating the dedication to the craft embraced by Michael Giannini and the team at LGC. The colorado Ecuadorian wrapper is smooth to the touch, despite a few prominent veins. A triple cap tops off the tightly packed cigar, which is redolent of tobacco, leather, hints of chocolate, a little bread, and a hint of sweetness.
Clipping the cap with a straight cut reveals some hints of spice on the cold draw. The burn line remained razor sharp throughout the smoke, and never presented any issues, and the ash held on for about an inch or so, and came off easily upon ashing. During the smoke, flavors of chocolate, leather, coffee, tobacco, sweetness and a note of citrus are prevalent. A faint bit of nuts and caramel arrive toward the finish, but largely with very little change from start to finish, avoiding bitterness even to the end; a quality with which many other cigars struggle.
Make no mistake, this is a medium-bodied, mild stick, but offers a very smooth, pleasant profile accessible to any cigar smoker as an everyday stick. Overall, a good smoke. With a wonderfully smooth flavor profile of the Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers accentuated with the Ecuadorian wrapper, it offers a smooth, mellow smoke good for everyday situations. I would rate the cigar an 89.
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