PDR Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary Tamboril Figurado

I met some friends for lunch on a gorgeous late spring day in @RiceVillageDistrict, a shopping, arts and dining destination in Houston, and afterward, we walked over to @BriarShoppeCigars, one of my favorite cigar shops in town, where we picked up the @PDRcigars Flores y Rodriguez 10th Anniversary Tamboril Figurado to enjoy.
This cigar has a golden brown Habano Ecuador wrapper, with subtle hints of honey adding to the hue. The seams are fairly tight, with very few veins and a nice triple cap. The binder is Dominican Olor while the filler is a seven-year aged Piloto Cubano and Nicuraguan Jalapa. Double bands are well done, with the green details on white background adding a distinguished look to the cigar.
Aromas of spice, orange zest, earthy tobacco, wood, allspice, cocoa and cedar. are all present from the shaft of the cigar, as well as the foot, as well as the clipped cap. Flavors and notes of leather, clove, spiced rum, sweet cedar and touches of citrus and caramelized pear create a unique flavor profile, accented with a refined creaminess throughout this medium-full bodied cigar. It’s complex, but never overbearing, and this gives you an opportunity to savor some interesting interactions between the different notes.
The cigar maintained a straight burn path with a bit of wonkiness on the burn line, which was corrected with a couple of touch-ups. The resulting ash had a whitish, silvered gray color. Overall, a pleasant smoke. With a wonderfully smooth flavor profile of the aged fillers accentuated with the Ecuadorian wrapper, it offers a mellow finish to a dining experience. I would rate the cigar an 88.
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