1502 Emerald Toro

As a very busy owner of a small business, I sometimes just need a bit of quiet time; a moment just to catch my breath. I stopped in at @StogiesHouston, where I picked up an Emerald box-pressed toro from Enrique Sánchez’ @1502Cigars and proceeded to follow Sanchez’ well known advice to “Relax and Enjoy.”

The 1502 Emerald is created mostly with Nicaraguan tobacco, but with some Mexican San Andres in the filler, becomes a truly different experience. Almost immediately, one is attracted by the medium tan (almost a light milk chocolate) Nicaraguan Corojo Habano wrapper that is whisper smooth to the touch. A few small veins here and there, but nothing that would cause worry.

From the wrapper, aromas of natural sweet tobacco are joined by notes of cocoa, pepper spice, and cedar found on the “cigar lock” foot. A v-cut through the double cap reveals a perfect draw, with additional flavors of baking spices and chocolate. Lighting the cigar produces heady clouds of smoke, aromatic and fragrant. The burn line is on-point, and never needed touching up.

The 1502 Emerald was consistent, with medium-full flavors throughout, and even though the strength began at a mid-range medium it slowly reached a strength of medium-full by end of the cigar. My companions at the lounge had each tried an Emerald before and enjoyed them as well.

Overall, a great smoke, one to be enjoyed any time of the day. I would rate the cigar a 90. A cigar worthy of regular rotation in any humidor.

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