Padrón 1926 Serie No.9

A good friend (who I’ve known for over 20 years) came over yesterday with his wife and their newborn son. We laughed and talked long into the evening over wine and food, thinking about the future and remembering the past. He and I stepped out to the deck to enjoy a cigar, and I reached for the good stuff in the humidor for a pair of Padron 1926 Serie No. 9 Maduro Toro. This full-flavored, dark and oily maduro is not only stunning to look at, but given Jose Padrón’s perfect construction and masterful tobacco selection is truly a wonder in the hand. That this beautiful work of art is crowned with a gorgeous burgundy and gold embossed label (which includes an individual serial number), carries the cache of luxury. Pre-light aromas and flavors are of cream, cocoa and dark chocolate, and barnyard. I used a v-cut to allow flavors to focus and the draw was perfect. Carefully toasting the foot demonstrated once again the great construction of this cigar – the lighting was quick and almost effortless. A massive plume of smoke signals that the things are well underway. Fantastically smooth flavors of chocolate, deeply aged tobacco, cream, some spice all play on the palate. No harshness at all. A very smooth and satisfying smoke, one that regularly tops my list. The @padroncigars 1926 Serie No. 9 is a masterpiece, one you should have in you humidor – at least 2 so you can share with a friend. #cigaroftheday #cigarians #cigarporn #cigaraficionado #nowsmoking #cigarlife #botl #sotl #mensfashion #luxury #cigar #cigars #cigarsnob #cigartime #cigarworld #cigarsociety #tobacco #cigarculture #Habanos #smoke #review #instacigar #puro #cigarlife #stogie #stogies #botltxchapter #texansoftheleaf #cigarart #habano #cigarphotography #cigaroftheday #instacigar

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