1502 Cigars Ruby Robusto

From all over the country, a group of my closest friends were in town recently for a big event and even though we were all busy, we were not about to let an opportunity to “Relax and Enjoy” our time together.
We made our way to the great @ThatCigarPlace lounge, where we took Enrique Sanchez’ advice and savored the @1502cigars Ruby robusto from Sanchez’ Global Premium Cigars.
The robusto is a 5 x 50 box pressed cigar, with a closed foot, allowing you to really get a good feel for the wrapper from the very beginning. With a striking band of deep ruby, accented with gold, and made with tobaccos from Jalapa and Estelí in Nicaragua, and wrapped with a beautiful dark wrapper from Ecuador, the cigar is a beautiful thing to just look at.
While the cigar is medium-bodied, the 1502 Ruby is a a great stick that offers notes of earth and barnyard, nuts, cocoa, wood, and spice from the start. The draw is free, producing a wonderful amount of creamy smoke, almost silk-like. Heavy flavors of dark espresso and cocoa highlighted with pepper start to really dominate. The burn line was razor sharp from start to finish, leaving a beautiful salt & pepper colored ash clinging nicely to the cigar.
Overall, a fantastic smoke, one we all enjoyed very much. I would rate the cigar a 91. A great cigar worthy of a place in any humidor.
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