The Crowned Heads Las Calaveras LC 46

A rousing follow up to their triumphant 2014 debut, the 2015 #LasCalaveras from @TheCrownedHeads is a phenomenal #cigar. I enjoyed this one at the @CigarEmporiumHouston #Lounge, where my fellow #botl debated whether the 2015 was better than the 2014, or its reincarnation, the #LaImperiosa. The 2015 embodiment of Las Calaveras makes use of an Ecuadorian #habano rosado leaf covering Nicaraguan #tobacco within. Flavors of cream, nutmeg, oak, cinnamon, hints of fruit, leather, and coffee, all tagging along with a mild blast of pepper that punctuates throughout. Overall, an excellent smoke, worthy of a box for any #humidor. I cannot wait to find what #JonHuber has in store for the future. #cigars #cigarreview #nowsmoking

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