Cigar Review in 300 Words or Less – Cohiba Espléndidos (Cuban)


Cigar: Cohiba Esplendido

Origin : Cuba
Format : Churchill / Julieta
Size : 178 x 18.65 mm
Ring : 47
Weight : 15.07 g
Price : (approximately) $30 – $40 each

The cigars for this review sat in my humidor for five years.

Aromas from the foot of the cigar were of faint promises of honey, cocoa and a wisp of manure. The smooth, golden-hued wrapper offered few, if any visible veins, and the traditional Cuban triple cap tops off the head. Clipping unveiled the familiar array of long filler leaves, expertly rolled by the torcedoras, revealing flavors of wood, notes of honey, and the unmistakable barnyard-manure aroma of fine Cuban tobacco.


In the first third, the cigar offers notes of wood, spices (both red and white pepper), which gives way to earthy flavors, floral notes, and hints of cocoa, leather and some sweetness of honey. The cigar remains very smooth and balanced. In the second third, an increase in strength and an added complexity carry along creaminess, caramel and nuts. A note of cocoa, accented with cedar, cedar, and hay, which give way to hints of leather, pepper and earthy flavors. In the last third, hints of vanilla, cocoa, and spice mix with hints of earth. The cigar closes strong, but smooth.

Without hesitation, I can say that the Cohiba Espléndido is one of the most fantastic cigars I ever been fortuitous enough to savor; offering an exquisite experience that only some offerings of Padrón, or Arturo Fuente Opus X can approach. The Churchill vitola gives this cigar room to shine and show off. The cigars for this review were provided by a friend who procured them from an official Casa de Habanos store on an “official” visit to the island.

Rating: 98

MSRP: $30.00 – $40.00

(Cigars for this review were provided to me by a friend. Thank you, HN.)


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