Cigar Review in 300 Words or Less – Padrón 6000 Maduro



Origin : Nicaragua
Format : Torpedo
Size / Ring: 5 1/2 x 52
Price : MSRP $7.50

I always have at least a handful of Padrón 6000 Maduros in my humidor. The cigar is just that good of an everyday smoke, with an amazing amount of flavor and that rare combination of value and quality. It is a near-perfect cigar to share with friends – either as a smoke “just because” or even to heighten a celebratory mood.

The perfectly-constructed head clips easily to reveal a clear pre-light draw.  Some hay and sweet cocoa flavors off the foot. The dark maduro wrapper glistens with oiliness. Upon lighting, the medium-full bodied cigar plays off its strengths, with a floral barnyard aroma giving way to some earthiness and pepper that begins to tingle the throat, with notes of leather and toasted wood and nuts. The aged tobacco gives the draw a smooth silkiness that enhances the flavors.

The maduro’s taste is full and complex, with a lingering sweetness that counters the spice. At $7 + per stick, many feel that this stick is somewhat overpriced (especially compared to the 2000, 3000 and 4000), but as a medium-full strength, medium-full body cigar that had a razor-sharp burn, perfect draw, and very rich, delicious flavor with a pleasing finish, it is a consistent performer that always satisfies – plus, it’s a Padrón.



Rating: 88

MSRP: $7.50

(Cigars for this review were purchased by me.)


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