Cigar Review in 300 Words or Less – Cubanacan Connecticut Rothchild



Origin : Nicaragua
Format : Rothschild
Size / Ring: 5 x 50
Price : MSRP $5.50

The Cubanacan Connecticut Rothchild, a 5 x 50 robusto features an Ecuadorian wrapper and binder. The wrapper is a medium brown with a very slight rosado tint to it. The seams are nearly invisible with some small veins a nice oil sheen, finished with a perfectly applied cap. The cigar has a good, solid weight to it with no soft spots.

First draws of the Cubanacan Conecticut Rothchild start off with a blend of flavors, including wood notes, a hint of pepper, spice, and the rich aroma of cedar. The pepper dissipates quickly after a few puffs, and the emerging flavor becomes smooth and lush. Along with sweet floral notes, each draw leaves a very light mix of hay, spice, cedar, pepper and spice on the palate. The excellent draw provides a full body of rich, smooth smoke of medium strength.

2015-04-21 14.56.44

In the second third pepper becomes more prominent and the floral notes fade, with occasional notes of grass or hay. By the end, the smoke has lost most of any harshness and is beginning to mellow, almost to the point of creaminess. Overall, a very good cigar. The mild bitterness present in the cigar from first light allows me to conclude that this cigar would probably benefit from aging, and could become a really great cigar after 2 years in a well-maintained humidor.

Many thanks to That Cigar Place in Houston, Texas for hosting the Cubanacan event on April, 10, 2015, where I was able to meet Brandon Holzworth, Texas territory Sales Manager for Cubanacan, who recommended cigars for this review.

2015-04-10 17.03.29

Rating: 88

MSRP: $5.50

(Cigars for this review were purchased by me at That Cigar Place in Houston, Texas on the recommendation of Brandon Holzworth, Texas territory Sales Manager for Cubanacan)


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