Cigar Review in 300 Words or Less – La Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda Natural


The La Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda Natural is exactly the type of cigar that comes to mind when you think of an “everyday smoke.” With a very reasonable price (about $4.50 a stick) for a fairly good sized cigar (6 x 52), the value is built in.

Upon lighting, a note of spice was noticeable, but the spicy flavor diminished within fifteen minutes. The cigar starts off with a very spicy, peppery, character with the initial lighting that mellows quickly to a bouquet of cream, leather, coffee, earth, spice and hints of orange peel. The cigar’s tobacco flavor was very rich and full, but without being overpowering as it is medium in strength. The draw is loose, allowing mouthfuls of smoke.

The rich tobacco flavor predominated for the rest of the smoke, and was very delightful down to the nub of the cigar. The finish was clean with hints of cream, leather and earth. A nice mellow smoke. This was not full-bodied cigar with lots of spice, but medium-bodied and full-flavored; exactly what you’d want for an everyday enjoyable smoking experience.



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